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December 19, 2007
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We Ate, We Laughed, We Celebrated

Twas the meeting before the New Year
and all through the night
were SCI friends spreading holiday delight!
The table was covered with all sorts of food
It put everyone in the holiday mood.
The gift exchange game brought presents galore
The trivia games awarded prizes and more!
Ed and Liz shared a tasty treat.
Nancy wore a a scarf that was really neat.
Bob passed around some holiday cookies.
Cindy played games, we knew she wasn't a rookie.
Jack and Marsha both made us smile
Lamont and Moriana talked for awhile
Todd took pictures at Shelly's request
Dr. Hills, Claudia, Anna, and Anita all looked their best!
The night went on for a few hours
Memories made, friendships empower!
As we rolled the the doors ending another great year,
We all shared a wish for a blessed, healthy, happy, New Year!

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