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10/26/2007 Thank You!
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Dear SCI Support Group,

Thank you for passing on my note asking for references for our friend, Kevin Schwing, to Magee to Jean Hassinger - I really enjoyed talking with her about her son's experience at Magee and was looking forward to being in contact with you all more. Please pass on this note to her, too.

Unfortunately, God had a plan for Kevin different than what we imagined. Kevin went to Magee on Thursday, Oct. 7th to begin rehab. On Friday afternoon, Oct. 8th, during PT, his heart stopped due to a pulmonary embollism. They were unable to recuscitate him at the Hahnamann Emergency Room. His wife had left to get him pizza from a favorite pizzeria when he died so she was spared seeing that. His death was quick so we believe he felt little pain, thank the Lord. His funeral was Tues., Oct. 12th in Hershey and he is sadly missed.

His wife, Marti, appreciates all the info that you all passed on to us to assist him in adjusting to a spinal cord injury. Kevin was an incredibly upbeat man and continued to be so during his 2 weeks of injury. We think he would have adjusted well to life with a sci.

I hope you all are well. We'll keep you in our prayers as you assist others. Thanks for being there! God Bless!