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September 19, 2007
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Minutes from September 19, 2007 SCI Support Group Meeting

In attendance: Marcia Morgan. Cindy Hulse, Moriana Cotelo, Ana Morana,Jase hall,Shelly White Todd, Shelly Loss, Terry, Liz and Ed Clabaugh, Deb (Ed’s Ns), Jesse Swager, Lamont Warren, Nancy Ehrlich, Rachel Hamilton


A 4th year Medical Student from PSMSH Medical Center came to talk to us about the magazine Wild Onions a literary magazine for the medical community through the Department of Humanities The magazine features stories, poetry, music, photography

The deadline for submission for the next Wild Onion publication is Feb
The theme is “what is the best medicine” The question was raised, How do you fill your life so you can return to the mainstream of life?

Nancy - starting a children’s wheelchair dance program.
Ed and Liz- returning to life's activities

Moriana - going to college, hanging out with friends, going to performances and traveling

Jase - going to school. Education is great therapy” it forces you to get out in the community and make friends.

Shelly - writing a book about SCI to teach children what it’s about. She is a better teacher because of it realizing that some brains don’t work no matter what.

Lamont - likes to dance and play with his 2 year old daughter and kids.

For more information about Wild Onions go to wildonions@psu.edu . There will be a reception in May.

Cindy Hulse talked about the SCI meeting for Rehab Nurses. There is tons of progress being made however at the end of the meeting someone in the audience stood up and asked the speaker, “Where would you send your daughter?.“ Apparently the room became so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Rachel expressed displeasure with all the hype on a cure for SCI because it gives people false hope.

Cindy responded by saying that can be true and that’s why you have to make the most of life where you are right now. She also talked about Christopher Reeves and his contribution.

Liz talked about the work being done at Kenndy/ Kreiger with Dr. McDonald and the results they have had with children walking after being paralyzed.


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