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July 18, 2007
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SCI Support Meeting - 7/18/07
Attending:  Cindy Hulse, Shelly White, Liz Clabaugh, Keith Parsons, Shelly Loss, Marcia Morgan
Discussion of meeting included grant update and the need to meet and vote on how to spend grant money.
August 7th the Rehab unit will move to the Polyclinic location and we will need space to have our meetings there.  Dr. Hills would like to continue to meet there to support in house patients and continue our peer mentor program.
Maria McGowan Fuddy should be contacted to learn about patient care fund availability and if that fund still exists.  TriCounty Advocacy might be contacted to help us through the maze.
Gary McGowan and Ally, clinical head nurses, will be our contacts for peer mentors.  We must sign in and sign out of the volunteer notebook.
The section on grieving for the SCI Manual was discussed and Shelly had found a much better insert to be used.
Ice breakers for experiences with peer mentors were discussed.
This meeting adjourned and the regular support group met.  Those in attendance were:  Dennis McNeil )pt), Loretta Miller, Diane Lingle, Morgan Lentz, Mallory Ocker, Brandon Culp (pt), Jack Culp, Moriana Cotelo (pt), Ana Cotelo, Gina Werkheiser (pt), Brian DePasquale, Ed and Liz Clabaugh and nurses, Shelly Loss, Shelly White, Cindy Hulse, Marcia Morgan, Jase Hull.
Cindy discussed Select Medical and the move to Polyclinic.  The Rehab OPC will continue where it is located now.  Educational ideas for patients and the SCI Manual (Resource Room, Exercise Videos, booklets, manuals) were discussed.
The speaker for our meeting, Beth Shover, presented a very informative talk on her Massage Therapy Therapeutic Services and handouts on all that her service offers.  She used her patient, Ed Clabaugh, to show hands on treatment and remarked about the positive results that Ed has had since beginning her program.
See the Massage Therapy link on the left of the home page for pictures!