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Yes, I did know Ms. White before her accident paralyzing her. I was in 4th or 5th grade at the time of her accident. It was a school day when a substitute told us of her accident, I felt very sad and worried that day for Ms. White. Like they say
time heals all wounds, so afterward I got used to Ms. White in a wheel chair.

One of the things I can pass on to others is Ms. White’s worry jar. I remember one morning at school I came by to say hello. But I remembered I forgot my homework so started to panic. Then when I stopped by Ms. White asked me what was wrong so I had told her I forgot my homework. After that she told me to write down my problem on a paper and put it in the jar. She said it would help me feel better, and it did.  Maybe other people can use this to help them.

From:Aaron Perez