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April 18, 2007
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Spinal Cord Injury Support Group: April 18th, 2007

Attending: Travis , Marcia, Cindy, Dave, Shelly, Todd, Nancy, Jace

Congratulations Dave Weiser, who just completed a grueling course for polygraph testing, which explains his long hiatus from SCI Support Group.

Watch out everyone! He can tell if you’re lying.

We started the meeting sharing stories about our most obnoxious handicapped parking experiences followed by a stroll down memory lane, sharing those dreaded bathroom accident stories that we have all come to know and …well at least laugh about. Only in SCI group!

Welcome a new member, Jase, who is interested in becoming a PM. Jase, a lawyer and in a chair for many years, has been a PM at several other hospitals.

Travis's surgery is next Tuesday so send tons of love & prayers for SUCCESS!

Dion, hope you’re recovering quickly from your surgery (if that’s possible). Hi Tara, we miss you both. How are those toe touches coming?

Ed is recovering from phrenic nerve surgery. Ed and Liz, love and prayers are with you for a great outcome.

Jean, we miss you! Come back soon. Love and prayers to you and Lenny.

Shelly L, started PT/OT, kick butt!

In-patient Rehab is Moving - On July 1st the SCI inpatient rehab unit will be moving to Poly Clinic for 2 years, while the new rehab hospital is being built on Cherry Drive . The Out-patient rehab dept. will remain in HMC. SCI Support meetings will be held at Vine St. Out-patient rehab Center. More to come.

Peer Mentor Training - A special HMC volunteer training session will be held on Wednesday, May 16th, from 6 to 7PM before the SCI Support meeting. Following, finalizing the training process and curriculum. 

Cindy knows 2 social workers interested in helping the PM program with the educational component and participation in SCI meetings.

AFF Grant - The deadline is near. Any ideas about equipment and supplies for the PM program? Contact Nancy , 469-7281 or dancinchairs@yahoo.com.

Peer Mentor Education - The Peer Mentor curriculum needs to be completed by May. Send info to Shelly, who will act as the central online coordinator. Contact her at spineywhite@comcast.net


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