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Faren Fratini
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Ms. White was a very funny and out going teacher that turned learning into a whole new aspect for me. One day, we had to learn about gallons and pints, etc. . . . She had us run around the school yard playing racing games to find whatever gallon, etc she wanted.  She had the White Olympics for us to play games and learn measurements at the same time. We did football cheers to lean about quarters relating to money.

I was so sad and depressed, it was like a state of shock for me when she had her accident. The best teacher in the whole world and I was losing her. My mom took me to see her at Hershey Medical Center and I didn’t know what to think. I was a little afraid seeing her like that. When I went to go see her again, when she came home, it was uncomfortable at first, but the more I was around her the more I realized she was the same person. I had to learn to treat her like a new baby because I didn’t want to hurt her. I just had to learn how she did things differently. She had more needs and wants from me, but that was O.K. I kind of liked it, taking care of her.

When she moved to her own apartment with her dad, we learned to cook together. She would tell me what to do and I would try to do it. Remember, I was only about 13 years old. What an experience, but we got it all done. The summer of 2006, I worked for her doing all the house things like paying bills, cleaning, doing laundry, washing Jockey, her dog, filing, and helping her with her classroom stuff.

She has told me she will teach me how to drive since she said “I can’t do anymore damage to her”. But she is sadly wrong because she still is Ms. White the greatest teacher around and me driving is a scary thing. So I think that will have to wait and maybe this summer we can learn to drive together as we have learned so much together in the past 7 years.

 We are a big motivator and inspiration for each other. Her dad has said, we are a lot alike. I’m a younger Shelly and that’s O.K. because I love her. She has inspired me to be a learning support teacher and I know that is my calling. I owe it all to her. As time has passed she has become my best friend. She’s like a big sister watching over me. We share all kinds of things from picking out clothes, to talking about boys and more serious stuff like school, college, etc... I feel very lucky to have her in my life!


Faren Fratini   

Thank you Faren!