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Did you know the person before the accident?  How did you feel when you learned about the accident?  How did you cope with the life changing event?  What can you pass on to others?
Nancy was my good friend before her accident.  I try to imagine her as she used to be, but it isn't meant to be because I accept her as she is now.  When she had her accident, I admired her courage and determination to make everyone feel  OK about what happened to her.  She never had a public pitty party.  I learned from her strength that anything is possible in the world of disabilities even though I had already been around many people with disabilities for 20 years already. By not giving in to the fact that she would not be the same, she chose to figure out how she should be from now on.  Though there were down times in private, she chose to stay up beat in public which in turn helped her survive and accept the injury.  She made the best of a bad thing and reached out to others.  
Was this your first time meeting a person with a spinal cord injury?  What can you pass on to others?
I have worked with people who are paraplegic as well as quadriplegic through accident or spina bifida teaching them to ride horses.  I have had young children who loved to be able to move again on the horse as though they were walking. The man who was a quad was thrilled to feel the movement and take the challenge.  Everyone that I have met has had insurmountable courage and enthusiasm for doing something thrilling. They wanted to do as much as possible without help and I would do my best to accommodate them. No matter the age, they are very proud of what they can accomplish without help.  Their spirit has not been crushed and to treat each individual as though they were on the same level is best to help them feel confident that they are OK in the world and can move on only in a different way than they used to.  To train others who are not injured or born with a disability is what should be done.  There should be a class in school
for all children to learn to understand, accept those with disabilities, and to learn how to treat everyone as equals.  

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Thank you Shirley!