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My Neice, My Reactions



On hearing about the accident…

First comes disbelief - trying to comprehend what has happened.  The phone call is such a shock and you know what the words that are being said mean, but it’s like you can’t really comprehend what they really mean.   Shelly has had a life altering event.  C5 injury, paralyzed,  critical condition, etc.    Feeling so helpless prayer seems to be the answer – Dear God please take care of Shelly.


Those initial days…

You want to be with her but feel so inadequate  - what can you possibly say to her.  What words will help.  What words are not right for her at this time.   Hopefully just being there and saying I love you helps. 


What’s Next?

As time passes reality sets in, you begin to realize that you can’t wish this away.   It is for real.    How will she be able to cope?     How will she be able to adjust to her new life?   

How this – how that. 


The time in rehab seems to work miracles - the people there really know how to help.   Not only with the physical injury but also with the psychological aspects, the make or break aspects.  Hopefully your loved one will find the inter strength to move forward with acceptance.   If they do,  the professionals in rehab can  turn this tragedy around.  They prepare patients for their new life.  Of course it’s not all sunshine and roses, there are many difficult times and obstacles to over come – but after rehab they are prepared to try to keep moving forward.