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February 21, 2007
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February 21, 2007


Attending:  Dr. Hills, Cindy, Nancy, Marsha, Tara, Jeremy, Shelly, Vern, Todd,

Brandon’s Parents, Bryon, Zion,


We met new injuries/members Bryon, Zion, and Jeremy.  Bryon will soon be ready to transition home.  We wish him well.  Jeremy is currently taking classes and an avid online poker player. Zion is currently a 7th grader.


Deon will be getting surgery on his hips in March, to get him more independent.  Best Wishes Deon!


Brandon is on course for a possible May graduation.  Keep working hard Brandon.


Marsha finished her bio, check out the website.  Still looking great as ever.


Travis is having work done on his van, so he was unable to make it.


Cindy, Nancy, Dr. Hills and Shelly are working on final touches for the power point presentation about our SCI Support Group for the March 2, 2007 Symposium on Health Care and Quality of Life. 


Nancy shared promotional materials for our group.  There were postcards, brochures, business cards, magnets, etc.  What a great way for us to spread the word about our SCI Support Group.  She purchased materials through www.vistaprint.com, a great site for anyone needing similar materials.  Check it out!


We talked about our website.  It is expanding daily.  We have a guestbook, Blog, and new people talking about SCI.


Peer mentoring was discussed. 

  1. Official Hershey Medical Center Peer Mentor Training

Organized through Cindy Hulse and HMC, you can train, become matched with a newly injured person, and support that person through the transition of hospital to home.  We all talked about how valuable this is for new patients.  More official training guidelines are “in the works”, contact Cindy with questions.

  1. You can also network right through our Centralpasci website.  Read through the bios on our site and you can email members right away.  If you have questions you’d like to discuss, you can email Shelly with your question, we’ll post it on our Blog page and everyone can respond.


We are starting committees, to begin focusing on several areas.  Look at the list of committees below and email Shelly if you are interested in helping in any areas.  This is for SCI, family and friends!


1. Peer Mentoring Committee, becoming a part of the team that reaches out through HMC, to support SCI patients.  Directed by Cindy.


2. Spinal Cord Support Group Committee, organizing meetings, finding speakers, vendors, etc. to share time at our meetings. This group will also take notes/minutes at meetings. 


3. Website Committee, finding links, research, events, etc. to post and share with our Centralpasci members.


4. Social Committee, keeping communication going within the group through phone calls, cards, scheduling events beyond our monthly support meetings, etc.


5.  Finding New Members Committee, looking for other people with SCI, family, friends, caregivers, other organizations, etc. to network together for SCI support, research, news, equipment, etc.  Directed by EVERYONE!  Get the word out gang; we are here for those who need us!