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January 17, 2007
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1/17/07  SCI Meeting @ HMC


Present: Cindy, Dr. Hills, Nancy, Liz,

Shelly, Todd, Deon, Tara


The Peer Mentor program was discussed. 

What should the program look like?  How

will Centralpasci work?


We decided Centralpasci will be our official

group title.  Under this name we will have our

HMC Support Group, Peer Mentoring Programs,

Website info, etc.  This way we can service a

larger group of people.


Our goal is to connect more people with SCI and

their families through our website.  Sharing stories,

research news, product news, etc.  as well as connecting

with other SCI groups is another goal. 


Nancy has promotional materials being printed.


Liz brought an information sheet for new members to fill out.


Should Dr. Hills/Cindy Hulse have a part on our website?

The SCI support group should remain at HMC because

it started there and can accommodate in-patients.


Welcome to Deon and Tara!  We’re glad to meet you.