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December 20, 2006
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SCI Support Group 12-20-06


present: Marcia Morgan, Cindy Hulse,Claudia,

Liz Clabaugh, Nancy Ehrlich, Tom Brennan


-Peer mentor support group  (PMSG) discussion.


Anyone wishing to become a peer mentor will need volunteer training at HMC.  Nancy Ehrlich will contact Mary- Jo Garrity at HMC to see if it can be done during our support group time, and if not when can we schedule a training schedule.


The initial question, "Who should be included in the PMSG."


The group discussed the importance of including family and staff members on the team as well as those with SCI.


Marcia Morgan discussed the "Family Team Meetings" at HMC  in the past that included pastoral, psychiatric, medical and nursing involvement.


We also discussed having a committee to organize and coordinate the activities of the SCI Peer Mentoring support Group.  Shelly White had previously offered to be the Chairperson of this group.  Shelly has also started the SCI Peer Mentor web site at www.centralpasci.com .  She has requested that those who are peer mentors or those wishing to have their stories included on the web site, need to send a bio to spineywhite@comcast.net


We will need an application/consent form to be completed by all persons who are in the group or posted on the web site.  Liz Clabaugh will design the form.


Cindy Hulse suggested we need a disclaimer on the web site stating these are the stories and opinions of the individuals and do not represent the views of HMC.  She also suggested having the PR rep from HMC speak to us and possibly be part of our group.


Liz Clabaugh suggested we have informational guest speakers at our meetings.  The frequency of this is to be decided. 


Suggestions for speakers were:

Rep. Pat Vance, also a nurse

Sen. Arlen Spector

Restorative Therapies from Baltimore

Dr. Hills from HMC Rehab

Dr. David Good Chief  of Neuroscience At HMC

A lawyer

Cindy Clark

Americans with Disabilities rep.


Tom Brennan suggested having more frequent meetings, every other week to maintain the continuity of the group and make it available to more people. 


Cindy brought up the need for a separate SCI support group for children and teens.  Several members were interested in working with this group.


Other suggestions included having a brochure and other promotional items that would provide contact info and advertisement.   Nancy Ehrlich offered to design a brochure.


Nancy Ehrlich will look into grants for potential funding for speaker honorariums, transportation, etc.