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November 15, 2006
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November 15, 2006  @HMC  7:00pm
Attending:  Cindy, Nancy, Craig & Ann, Brandon & mom/dad, Shelly & Todd
The room were we usually meet was crowded, so we moved over to the conference room.
Nancy, Cindy and Shelly shared information about the Peer Mentor Training from Magee Rehab.  Cindy, Travis, Nancy, and Shelly went to Magee and participated in the training program.  They were really excited to report that we have a very good mentoring system, at Hershey, in the works.  Our website should tie it all together.  If you are interested in mentoring a new SCI or family, email Shelly and we'll get you on the list.  You DO NOT have to attend a meeting to mentor and make a difference!
Brandon and family shared disappointment with insurance coverage regarding a wheelchair.  Brandon also shared info about Botox injections.
The group talked about ways they worked with OVR for equipment funding. 
We are planning the December meeting as our Christmas meeting.  We'll eat, play some games and have fun!  Look for the email or check back.