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Think about the last time you didn’t wash your hair.  When you finally get to wash it, doesn’t it feel good?  At the Polyclinic Rehab, a group of compassionate ladies, led by Marcia Morgan, volunteer their time and skills making it possible for patients to feel good, just by doing their hair. 


Marcia herself suffered a spinal cord injury, stroke and other medical complications, so she knows first hand how this type of well being is important to the healing process.


Marcia describes a typical night of hairdressing at Polyclinic Rehab. 


“We see about six patients a night and we have the nurses prepare a list with complications on the side - some patients do not speak English, some have head injuries and are not speaking at all, some are so sick and all are just thrilled to be getting a hair wash and set for women and buzz cuts along with regular haircuts for men.  I believe when a patient leaves intensive care and begins to feel better; this is a very important part of well being.  I only wish we could go more often.  It is not the very best section of town; however, we try to leave before dark.

I only have one hairdresser now and used to have four, so it is impossible to go as often. We are excited for 2010 when the new rehab will open and hope there will be a space for us in the bldg.  I think more hairdressers will come back when it is closer.  We now use a kitchenette to wash hair and it is quite confined, however, my co-volunteer never complains and only wants to see the patients with happy faces when we finish their requests.  It is a very gratifying feeling and we love what we do.  As volunteers, we never charge any money - just say "pass it forward" and we know they will.”


Thank you Marcia and volunteers for helping others feel better.   You are extraordinary!

You can read more about Marcia under the network.

"Pass it Forward"
Marcia Morgan